ProCirrus Services

We started with a simple idea – build the the most comprehensive and cost-effective IT solution for the professional service firm. 

Our end-to-end solution simplifies administration and removes the need for costly on-site visits by managing each step in the IT food chain.  Our most important service is customer service.  We are a customer service company that just happens to excel at technology.

It is so rare in any service business, and especially in the IT business, for client service and ‘good bedside manner’ to be paramount. Your folks are the best.
— Peter K. Partner

Hosted Servers - The Powerhouse of your hosted experience.

Managed Hosted Private Servers

ProServer is our incredibly flexible and scalable hosted server service for running your all of your hosted applications and unique line-of-business applications from our cloud. Starting at...


  • Dedicated, scalable processing and memory
  • Enterprise SSD powered scale on demand storage
  • All data encrypted at rest in US jurisdiction
  • Private servers with multi-layer security
  • Run your own version of Office or Server version
  • Top tier, full service redundant, data centers
  • 3 daily for 7 days and 4 weekly backup points
  • Backups stored at primary and secondary data center
  • Hot server recovery points every 4 hrs for last 72 hrs
  • Includes data center bandwidth (no metering)
  • Advanced AI based anti-virus protection
  • OS and ProCirrus software updates included
  • North/South and East/West physical and logical firewalls
  • SQL Standard or Enterprise
  • Geographically redundant Hot server standbys

Hosted Desktop - Work from where you need to on what you want to

ProZone E2
Hosted Desktop

The ProZone is endlessly flexible and can be configured on a per user basis.
The ProZone E2 is our most popular desktop.


  • Citrix Receiver Cloud Desktop plus RDS license
  • Available on all browsers and devices
  • 256 AES encrypted connection
  • Unlimited ProServer hosted applications
  • Microsoft Office (version by firm choice)
  • Microsoft 365 or ProCirrus Exchange
  • ProCirrus Mailshield Anti-Spam
  • 30 Day Emergency Mailbox
  • Desktop accessory applicatoins
  • ProCirrus unmatched end user support

Compliance Options

  • Sharefile Plus Large File Transfer
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention
  • PTI Hosted Compliance Email Archive

Productivity Options

  • Team Intranet Site Powered by 365
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint 1 Powered by 365
  • SharePoint 2 Powered by 365
  • Microsoft Office Apps - Desktop/Server
  • pdfDocs
  • FoxIT PDF
  • Adobe DC PDF
  • compareDocs - document comparison tool
  • cleanDocs - metadata scrubber
  • ProFax - Receive and send faxes from Outlook
  • Project Standard
  • Project Professional
  • Skype for Business Powered by 365
  • Sharefile Plus Large File Transfer
  • Visio Standard
  • Visio Professional
  • BigHand Transcription
  • BigHand Pro Voice to Text Transcription
  • Skype VOIP for Business
  • And much more...

Managed Services - The unsung hero of our end to end solution


Managed Endpoints


  • Workstation inventory management and monitoring
  • Advanced AI based anti-virus
  • OS and security updates
  • ProCirrus rapid response support software
  • Enterprise level computer encryption
  • Automated backup for locally stored files
  • New workstation procurement and optimization


Managed firewalls starting at...


  • Enterprise level anti-virus and malware protection
  • ISP performance monitoring (QOS)
  • Security management, update and inventory
  • ProZone prrinter and peripheral connectivity
  • Internet browser content management
  • Internet service provider procurement
  • ISP access limits