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Why ProCirrus?

ProCirrus is a unique cloud hosting company that specializes in professional service firms with strong compliance, security and performance requirements.  Our full service cloud supports a wide range of industries from accountants  to manufacturers and we primarily serve the Legal, Medical and Financial Sectors. 

Our unique model manages the entire IT food chain from the workstation, through the local network and firewall, the internet and of course our cloud servers.  For the last 16 years, we have built our solution from the ground up with one goal in mind:  to cost-effectively provide big corporate IT power and security with unmatched customer service to the small to mid-sized firm.

We host over 1,200 distinct software titles including those procured by our clients, ones we offer as a service and custom applications developed by software providers. If it runs on a server - we can host it.  So, if you value simplicity, reliability, security and support - you're our kind of client.

How it works in 5 minutes

A focus on legal

The legal industry is rapidly embracing the advantages of the cloud.  Thanks to this trend and the word of mouth of our clients, Legal has become our largest and fastest growing sector.  We host firms of every discipline powered by our strategic relationships and years of experience with all of the major software titles.

Key Hosting Relationships

Just a few of the titles we host

Simply amazing, I cannot say anything remotely negative. The application is flawless and the support is incomparable. I recommend you guys every time the subject of IT comes up with colleagues, which is a lot. This is the single decision our IT committee has made that, after the first two weeks, has received no criticism... That says quite a lot for my crew.
— Jason N. - Partner

How we simplify - Access

Unlike most of our competitors who use the rudimentary remote desktop  (a.k.a Terminal Services),  the ProCirrus ProZone cloud desktop leverages the power, security and flexibility of Citrix Receiver.  It costs us more and requires a talented team to manage it - but it creates a vastly superior user experience AND we still keep our hosted desktop priced at or below our competitors. 


ProZone Mobililty.png

Work on any device

You can access the full versions of your applications and your data from mobile devcies, Tablets, PC's and MAC's.  Even access from computers you don't own, like at the court library or hotel business center and even Aunt Jenny's house at Thanksgiving.

Read real-world example

“This morning I was in Alexandria, VA for a pretrial. I was not able to file what I prepared and had to change my strategy at the last minute. I was able to login to ProCirrus on the courthouse library computer (the login was easy!) make a few changes in an earlier document - print it out at the library and file it with the court. If not for ProCirrus I would have a two hour round trip drive to file the document before tomorrow’s hearing or show up at the hearing looking unprepared.” Mary B- Attorney


Seamless, Flexible Desktop

Unlike remote desktop's clunky screen hogging interface, Citrix applications launch and feel just like they are running locally.  This means you can drag and drop your applications in any shape on any screen AND you still have access to your local desktop if needed.


Access Anywhere

The ProZone's ability to manage sketchy internet is one of it's most powerful attributes since its designed to compensate as the internet fluctuates.  So even if  you are away from WIFI,  you can just tether to your phone's hotspot and keep on working!

Read real-world example

“Just wanted to let you know that I am working from my truck this morning while watching my son shoot Biathlon at our shooting range. I am connected through my phone and everything seems smoking fast under the circumstances. I cannot sing your praises enough both with the product and service. You have a huge fan here in the middle of the sticks! Thanks again.” Jason N, Partner

The ProCirrus experience has probably been our best in decades. Its functions are quite good and it has been more reliable than other options we have tried. Your techs are great in terms of response time and getting fixes. I have recommended your service to other law firms.
— John C. - Partner

How we simplify - Security

Whether you face the alphabet soup of regulatory requirements like GLBA or HIPAA or are required to follow strict protocols of demanding clients, like banks;  ProCirrus simplifies your security and your compliance burden.  ProCirrus maintains industry best practices for the protection of data and the continuity of your business.  By combining our out-of-the-box security, with our compliance products and basic internal policies; your firm will be able to protect itself and meet the most stringent requirements. 

ProCirrus Security Highlights

  • Top Tier Secure Data Centers
  • All server data encrypted at rest
  • All data encrypted in transit
  • Integrated disaster recovery and robust backups
  • Advanced AI Based Anti-Virus
  • Full employment background checks
  • All associates are HIPAA certified
  • 100% US based support team
  • Annual SOC I and II Type 2 Audits

Optional Compliance Services

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Loss Prevention (Email)
  • Workstation and media encryption
  • Outlook integrated email encryption
  • Outlook integrated large file encrypted transfer
  • Custom password policy creation and enforcement
  • File audit trail of all file changes
  • Hot geographic server redundancy

SOC I and II Type 2 Audits

ProCirrus undergoes annual SOC I and II Type 2 audits performed by a certified third party that document our security and operational policies and confirm that they are actually in enforced.

2018 AICPA SOC Logo.jpg

About the AICPA symbol

Some cloud providers improperly market the AICPA Seal earned by their collocation partners to infer their own compliance. As you review cloud hosting partners, be sure to confirm that the provider actually undergoes adequate third party audits.

How we simplify - Spending

Economy of Scale

The bottom line is that there is no way for the small to mid-sized firm to achieve the level of support, performance and security of our simple, inclusive service model. 

For example, a 40 person firm would pay around $4,200 per month with ProCirrus for pretty much all of their IT needs including (but not limited to) hosted servers, hosted desktops, managed workstations, enterprise security, easy compliance and full end user support.  

To accomplish all of that on premise would be impossible - in fact, hiring one dedicated IT person would exceed the ProCirrus budget before buying the first piece of hardware.


SavingsBySize143.23132.05115.4109.66101.69$0$20$40$60$80$100$120$140$16010203982163$/USER # OF USERSAverage total monthly services per user by firm size
I love having all that you do in one set of capable hands, so I can focus on practicing law... In this era of so much that could go wrong and the hassle of having to buy and maintain all kinds of equipment, I love your business model as the obvious alternative...I have great respect for your organization.
— Steve S. Principle

Comprehensive Services

Our full service model simplifies IT security and administration by combining our three core, integrated services into one seamless solution.  


ProServers- Hosted Servers

  Built on ProCirrus enterprise servers and super fast SSD encrypted storage, our fully-managed, ProServer  virtual servers are the power-house behind your hosted applications.  No more server headaches!




ProZone & User Services

Whether accessed through ProZone cloud desktop or directly, we offer a full menu of user options and software.  This means you can add and remove users or the software they need as easily as sending an email.



Managed Services

Our managed services are the unsung heros of our solution.  By managing all the other moving pieces from the ISP, firewall, switches and workstations, we remove the need and the cost of the  on-site IT support.


You guys are truly impressive- usually a company has one or two pros and the rest are just gophers who are always calling back to the one true pro. You have managed to tweak, implement and understand 20 years of hacks and oddball customization in a few days. All my users have reported back nothing but good from a technical level to even phone rapport. I am absolutely impressed- thank you.
— Jeremy C - Lawfirm IT director