Tabs3 & ProCirrus Make It Official!


After years of working together, ProCirrus is excited to become the official National Cloud Hosting Partner of Tabs3 software.  By combining the reliable and feature rich Tabs3 Platinum applications with the security, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our private cloud, our partnership represents a better overall solution and support for both our current and future mutual clients.

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Want to keep using the software you love while modernizing your overall IT?  

The beauty of the ProCirrus Cloud is you can use all the software you have grown to know and love including all the neat integrations.  And you get the added benefit of global secure access, regulatory compliance, and amazing end-user support all for less than trying to manage your own on-premises IT.   

About Tabs3

Since 1979, Tabs3 has been developing and supporting software for the legal market. The Tabs3 product suite includes billing, practice management, and financial software.  Their mission is to provide law firms with the most reliable and effective tools for managing their law practice alongside the best customer service in the industry. In fact, their very first client is still using their software today!


To Tabs3 clients, reliability and trust simply means that their software works and that if you need help, the Tabs3 Support Team will handle it with professionalism and care. 


Ready to see Tabs3 in the Cloud? 

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