ProCirrus Bill of Rights

Technology is a rapidly changing and complicated industry and no company can guarantee that hardware won't fail or that software won't misbehave. Despite this, we believe that as a ProCirrus client you have fundamental rights that go beyond technology and these rights demonstrate our commitment to you.

Right to privacy

We tenaciously guard the privacy of your data and your information that you store inside of our cloud. Security and privacy requires vigilance at every level of exposure from the data center, through the internet and ultimately with the local user. For our part, we only access information required for the maintenance of the system as a whole and have no access to password information and only access other information with written authorization. We use best practice security measures creating a multi-level security profile including but not limited to physical security, electronic monitoring, software monitoring and strict policy adherence. We will guard your privacy to the full extent of the law.

Right of full ownership of your data

You are the sole owner of your data. We do not access or allow third party access to your data without your written authorization. We store 100% of all data inside the jurisdiction of the United States and 100% of our support personnel are U.S. Citizens. In the event you wish to leave our service, you have full rights to your data and we will help your migration by providing your data to you in a manner of your choosing at your expense. We see your ownership of your data as your fundamental right.

Right to a clear performance expectations

Our service level expectations (SLE) outlines the service level expectations and guarantees available to you when joining the ProCirrus Cloud. Although we seek to continuously exceed your expectations and have developed our cloud to mitigate risks, technology will always have occasional issues. As a rule of thumb, we have a financial remedy for those issues that are our responsibility. For those issues that are external to us, but adversely affect your satisfaction, we commit to tirelessly working on your behalf to solve them. Please review the SLE for more information.

Right to best practices security

At ProCirrus Technologies, cloud security is a powerful, fully integrated solution of services and best practices - all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data. Our strategy covers all critical security areas including physical, operational, network and system with a multi-level, actively managed security posture. A crucial aspect of security rests on the business user and client company policies.

Right to communication

Technology is continuously evolving and having professionals manage its rapid developments is a key advantage of choosing the ProCirrus Cloud. We are committed to communicating any changes that will affect you within 24 hours of our discovery. Any changes that alter your pricing will not apply for a minimum of 90 days after the announcement. Changes in pricing that are in your benefit, will occur automatically. In responding to technical issues, we strive to over communicate throughout the process providing you with our best estimates on solution time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this bill of rights, please contact ProCirrus Technologies at

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