Data Loss Prevention is Peace of Mind

The hard truth of IT is that your most likely vector of data loss is the intentional or unintentional actions of your users.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP), is an important tool in the protection of your firm that evaluates all outgoing email from your firm’s accounts and looks for numerical patterns or terms that you have identified as protected data.

For example, DLP can watch our for a pattern of numbers that look like social security numbers (i.e. ###-##-####). So if an employee accidentally includes a Social Security Number in the body of the email, the DLP service will recognize that it is a term or number that your firm has identified as protected data and it will quarantine, notify, require administrative approval or automatically encrypt the email (depending upon your policy.)

ProCirrus offers DLP on all hosted exchange and 365 accounts and setting it up is easy. You may select from a library of pre-existing terms and dictionaries to define the DLP policy that matches your firm’s security and compliance policy.

Standard Dictionaries

Personal Terms

  • Drivers License Terms

  • Clean Words

  • ITAR Country

  • ITAR Terms

  • MRN Terms

  • SSN Terms

  • Resume Terms

  • SSN Terms

  • Source Code

  • Source Code Perl

  • GDPR Pll Terms

  • W2

Protected Health Information


  • ICD 9

  • ICD 10

  • NDC Class

  • NDC Dosage

  • NDC Route

Financial Information

  • ABA Terms

  • Trading Terms

  • Broker Terms

  • Credit Card Terms

  • Credit Report Terms

Smart Identifiers

International Personal Information

  • Norwegian Identification Number

  • Chinese Resident Identity Card

  • Hong Kong Identity Card

  • Icelandic Identity Number

  • Japanese Driver License

  • Brazilian Natural Persons Register

  • Finland Personal Identity Code

  • Taiwan Identification Number

  • UK National Insurance Number

  • German Driving Licence

  • German Passport Number

  • French Passport Number

  • United Kingdom Unique Taxpayer Reference

  • Denmark Personal Identification Number

  • Spanish National Idendity Number

  • France National Identification Repertory (INSEE)

  • Italian Codice fiscale

  • Japanese Residency Registration (jyuuminhyou) ID

  • Singapore National Registration Identity

  • Polish Population Records Number

  • Brazilian National Registry of Legal Entities

  • Swedish Personal Identification Number

  • UK Driver License

  • UK National Patient Identifier

  • German Identity Card

  • French Driving License Number / National ID Card

  • United Kingdom Postcode

Banking and Financial Information

  • International Bank Account Number

  • SWIFT Identified

  • ABA Routing Number

  • CUSIP Identifier Number

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Credit Card Number

  • Custom Credit Card Number

  • Extended Credit Card identifier

  • Japanese Credit Card Number

Personal Information

  • California Franchise Tax Board ID

  • Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN)

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)

  • OHIO State Medicaid Validation

  • Passport Number

  • Social Security Number

  • California Corporation Number

  • Canadian Social Insurance Number

  • Health Insurance Claims Numbers (HICN) assigned by RRB

  • Health Insurance Claims Numbers (HICN) assigned by CMS

  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

US Driver License

  • Every State Driver's License

Product Identification

  • National Drug Code

Tracking Information

  • Fedex Tracking Number

  • UPS Tracking Number

  • USPS Tracking Number

  • USPS International Tracking Number

IT Information

  • IP Address

  • Source Code

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