Who we serve


The broad range of businesses that we support demonstrates both the flexibility of our system and the universal need for reliable technology.

Law Firms

We support a wide range of legal disciplines with a variety of case and time management software. Beyond the day-to-day, we build inexpensive custom solutions like dedicated case-clouds for joint defense teams allowing for the sharing of discovery data while segregating work product. Imagine the ability to search thousands of pages of emails and documents as easily as it is to search the web. We are a perfect partner for an industry founded on navigating tremendous quantities of paper and protecting client privacy.

Medical Practices

Our medical clinic clients showcase the advantages of our solution. Supporting the accounting, file management, PAC's equipment and electronic medical records software is a tremendous burden on office administrators since most medical clinics are not large enough to rationalize full time IT support. On top of the IT complexity, medical clinics face an ever-growing regulatory burden through laws like HIPAA.

Financial Services

We support a variety financial firms including financial planners, tax accountants and mortgage companies. Each of these firms face the regulatory oversight that demands the security of client data. The nature of their competitive industries places a premium on the redundancy and reliability of their IT. Most of these firms have associates in numerous locations with a wide range of access points. The flexibility of the ProZone allows these users to safely access their system from where ever they need to do business

From Custom Server Hosting to Retail

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